Member Portal Best Practices Guide


Welcome to the new Indium Member Portal Best Practices Guide! We’ve noticed some recurring questions among our users, and have curated a comprehensive common question guide packed with best practices that will enhance your portal experience.

How to access login help

For assistance with login matters, please utilize one of the following options: 

  1. Complete the contact form located in the footer below
  2. Send an email to [email protected].

In either instance, our dedicated membership team stands ready to furnish you with your agency’s login credentials or offer expert guidance in resolving any login-related challenges you may encounter.

Important Update Regarding Password Resets: In our new portal, each agency is assigned a single username and password. As a result, any password changes made will affect all members within your agency. To initiate a password change, kindly reach out to a member of our dedicated support team, as email forwarding to personal accounts is not supported in this system.

How to submit new business
  1. Access our specialized ‘Submit & Service Page.’
  2. On the Submission Page, opt for the relevant category: ‘Personal’ or ‘Commercial.’
  3. In the event that Tarmika or PLR are not your preferred platforms, explore our alternative submission methods.
  4. Once your submission is complete, your designated Solutions Advocate will swiftly assume responsibility for your request.”

Please note: The turnaround time for each quote varies, depending on the nature of the submission and the complexity of the quote.

How to submit endorsement or service requests 

To streamline the process of submitting endorsement or service requests, please follow these steps:

  1. Access our ‘Submit & Service Business’ page.
  2. On the right-hand side, locate the section labeled ‘Insured Service Request.’
  3. Opt for this option, and your request will be seamlessly assigned to our Solutions Advocate team.
  4. Be assured, they will promptly attend to your request and furnish you with the requisite assistance.
How to access commission statements 

You will be able to find your commission statement on the portal under accounts, and on the one that says *[agency name]. Once you enter this page there your statement should show up under recent documents (see screenshot & arrows below). 

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