Indium Packs a 1-2 Punch


Indium expands its membership team, adding Caleb Cramer as Head of Membership and Steve Mohr as Director of Agency Growth Strategies.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Indium, an industry-leading agency network representing over 300 agencies nationwide, has filled two key roles that will re-energize Indium’s membership team. The addition of Caleb Cramer and Steve Mohr will allow Indium to double down on relationships with existing agencies while continuing to prove that networks with long-term contracts and exclusivity are relics of days gone by.

“This will be the 4th company I have had the opportunity to work with Caleb on. He continues to prove that business evolution doesn’t have to come at the expense of the customer experience. Aligning the company and customers’ needs has allowed him to approach rapid change with excitement from the customers instead of apprehension,” said Katherine Ternes, CEO of Indium. “The additionally fun part this time around is adding Steve Mohr to the equation. Caleb and I have both had the privilege of partnering with him through different companies over the years. Steve’s knowledge, dedication, and ability to coach agencies of all sizes through change gives Indium a huge advantage as we continue towards incentivized adoption of our unique technology and carrier offerings.”

Cramer comes to Indium after successfully bringing Ascend to the independent agency channel, expanding their sales team, and building a loyal customer base with an emphasis on sponsoring value-add environments in podcasts, conferences, and other networks. His time at Ascend was preceded by leading AgencyZoom’s sales team through triple-digit growth and an acquisition by Vertafore.  

For Mohr, after taking a VP role in Strategic Partnerships, he began exploring how to get back to his roots in translating technology and best practices into daily life for agencies and their teams. An incredibly impactful journey with Lightspeed Voice leading sales and marketing and driving product innovation expanded his knowledge of independent agencies. That tenure, coupled with seven years at Allstate Technology leading the deployment, adoption, and product roadmap for Allstate AMS eAgent, and 20 years as an agent managing regions and coaching, pushed Mohr back into the coaching role. 

“By adding Caleb and Steve, Indium has provided their members with industry behemoths. The knowledge and forward thinking of both gentlemen will continue to shape strategic direction set by newly appointed CEO Kat Ternes.” shared Board Member Mick Hunt, CEO of Premier Strategy Box. “I’m beyond excited to see the new changes, not only for Indium but within our industry, by these amazing additions.” 

Indium’s ability to build consistency and excellence across its agency base relies on having experts at the forefront of each project. Whether that’s the team, the Board, carriers, partners, or featuring members’ successes, the connecting tissue across projects will always be a strong Membership team. With eyes turned to the future, Indium will begin to unveil large projects, and improvements to its member offerings, in early Spring. 

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